Purify v0.13

August 15, 2019
Not sure what purify is? Check out the Getting Started page. Not sure if you want to introduce purify as a dependency to your project? Check out the FAQ page!
This release is a small one, it includes mostly utilities and typesafe versions of already existing JavaScript functions.

New Function module

Purify now has a general utility module called Function, it includes things like the identity function. As of this release it's quite small but hopefully it grows as TypeScript starts supporting more and more functional utilities like compose and pipe, check it out!

More List functions

The main goal of the List module is to provide typesafe alternatives of the built-in Array.prototype methods.
With that in mind, List now includes find, findIndex and also immutable List.sort.

Faster implementation

Purify went throught another redesign in this release, the new class-based solution is what the original rewrite of purify in 0.12 should've been.
Like last time, this redesign does not affect the public API of the library.